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Our Vancouver site 99th Street Mimi’s Cleaners also has a laundromat next door– and, you’ve got it; it’s the Mimi’s Laundromat!


Laundromat Location & Hours:
318 NE 99th St. 

Vancouver, WA 98665
(360) 573-6744

Monday – Sunday   7am – 10pm

FREE WiFi Available!!


Mimi’s Laundromat has recently gained a brand new set of laundry and dryer machines of varying sizes to suit your individual needs.

Price for Washers:
18 lb – $2.00
30 lb – $3.50
45 lb – $5.50
60 lb – $7.00

We also do laundry services for those of you who simply do not have the time to do them yourselves. Just drop us a basket-full, and we will wash, dry, and fold them at a reasonable price.*

*Please note: We do not always do pocket checks and will not be liable for any lost items or for any ink spots from a forgotten pen that was left inside the pocket.

Price for Dryers:
30 lb – 6 minutes / $0.25
50 lb – 5 minutes / $0.25
60 lb – 4 minutes / $0.25


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